Our mandate :
Create an administration tool and specific management at your self-employment
or business activity.

The alternative :
You can always purchase a ready-made software and generic. You will have a tool that contains
options that do not apply to your particular use and fatally, it will miss also functions
you would have liked to have but you can not add.

To avoid this situation : Making your own software using our services !

Our customized IT solutions are unique and offered "turnkey"

To achieve this are months of research and development in ergonomy and design
with 15 years of practice
Nowadays, if the management and the daily administration of your activity,
you are still using folders and subfolders containing multiple files like word processing
or spreadsheet program (like Word, Excel), PDF Files, images, alone or in collaboration...
it's time to change your habits to adapt to new realities
such as tablets, smartphones, "cloud" technologies and communications of the 21st century,
including web

That will change all your prospects and which presents new attractions
especially competitive on the potential increase but real
your productivity, so your speed with the earnings relating thereto
The big steps are :

• Informal meeting with a comprehensive assessment of your needs and feasibility study

The quotation...
• Written specifications
( with details on each modules and development steps )
• Final quotation with specifications, price and delay to finalize.

The administrative...
• Execution of a contract with invoice and prepayment. Optional funding proposed.

The achievement...
• Programming phase, algorithm, features, scripts and design.

• Tests by our care before deployment-zero bug except installations, impressions and local uses.
• Pre-release client, test Phase

The use...
• Deployment ( installation, operational execution )
• Adjustments with minor corrections if necessary.
• Training ( included and mandatory )
• Video tutorial recording with PDF manual

To our credit we have already developed customer management software-billing-expenses-accounting
printing reports - tools of analysis and softwares in the sectors of activitiy as varied as :

Arts ( Catalogue of artistic Works and/or contemporary arts )
Lawyers office, legal
Heating & Air Conditioning
Construction (General Contractor)
Construction ( Rental-sale of site trailers and containers )
Dentistry (laboratory with image management)
Publishing, literature (book cataloguing software)
Teaching (dance school)
Desktop publishing, graphic design, illustration, advertising
Medical ( patients and vaccines ) - private office
Cleaning services
Styling, home-staging, housing etc.
Tracking radio
Outdoors (tower management and climbing training)
Psychology (analysis and interactive testing software)
Electrical Parts Manufacturing Industry
Geriatric activities Alzheimer IUGM-partnership with Jouka Project

... and you, what are your projects ?

Since 2001, it's all our research and development work and our experience in creating
many management tools in almost every area of activity that gives you peace of mind.
With us, it's the serenity to get a satisfying result for your needs and respectful from your image.

by phone :

Toll free : 1 ( 855 ) 806-3169

by mail :

1155, boul. René-Lévesque West Suite 2500
Montréal ( Québec ) H3B 2K4

by e-mail :

web @t cs4technologies.com

or directly with form

to avoid spams...

Our schedules

Administration & Service : monday to friday from 9am à 6pm


Licence Logiciel Microsoft Windows 8
version "Home Premium"

249 $ (DVD avec activation par internet)

Anti-virus pour Windows 7 et 8

69 $

Clavier noir Logitech rétro-éclairé sans fil

99 $ - français canadien accentué ou anglais

Logiciel de corrections Antidote HD

119 $

Computer, tablet, smarphone launched from 2O14
and more recents ( 5 years and less only )

In others case, ask us to buy new device to use
with your custom software ( old data transfers included )

Processor :

intel i3, i5, i7, i9, Xeon
AMD Ryzen and more

Random Access Memory (RAM) :

4Gb and more

Minimum OS supported :

Windows 7 or 8 or 10
MacOS X 1O.11 El Capitan • 1O.12 Sierra • 10.13 High Sierra or 1O.14 Mojave

Internet connexion :

minimum 10 Mbit/s.
Some mark points to remember :

• We focus on each of our mandates to hold more than reasonable deadlines and above all...
Respected! Our team is always committed to a timeline as short as possible.
To do this, we never take more than 2 mandates as same time. This pipeline of our
energies on your business creates the best possible software to respect your image.

• Apart from a few programming shortcuts that are unique to us, your program remains specific
In the spirit and in the search for increased productivity for you alone. So your app is unique.

• Our programming is open whatever the technology used (under 4d, SQL, Filemaker, Oracle)
The owner of the program has all the usage codes, can manage the accounts and create the accesses
of the different users if necessary. However in order to avoid any errors, keeping all the accountability
of CS 4 Technologies for the improbable failure of the software; We are the only holders of
codes of programming. In the concern of transparency, this point is stipulated in the contract with the specifications.
We remain responsible for the smooth operation of the
software. (out of hardware problem or change of operating system to come)

• The minimum annual software maintenance required is always included for the first year.
Each subsequent year for maintenance is an option (yearly billing).
Possible hardware problems are not included.

• The software lifetime for an identical or similar hardware and system is infinite as long as some
major updates are made every five years.
Some of our programs have been running for over 15 years.

• What happens if CS 4 Technologies ceases to operate? One of our partners will be able to take
the relay and continue to serve you in a transparent way because the technologies used
are standards! (4d, SQL, Filemaker, Oracle etc.)

• Do you offer funding? Indirectly yes.
We have strong references with partners (financial institutions that support us).
In which case, depreciating the monthly cost if necessary will never have been so simple.


• Sales representative (software sale)
• Sales Manager-Marketing & Market Development

Vancouver Area ( West, North and downtown )
Calgary Area

send your application to hr@cs4technologies.com
This will be read and kept for one year,


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